• Welcome to the SHADE Project

  • SHADE has been designed to help people experiencing both depressive symptoms and who are drinking alcohol or using other drugs. It has been trialled in a number of clinical and research settings with over 350 Australians.

    If you decide to use the SHADE program, you will be taken through a process of working out which parts of your current lifestyle might be distressing, worrying or upsetting you. You can then access a range of tips, information and strategies to help change these particular parts, and develop a lifestyle that is more in line with your goals, wants and needs.

  • You can only access the SHADE program in collaboration with a recognised health professional or SHADE clinician. This person will be able to provide you with the login details required to get started on the program. If you would like more information email contact@theshadeproject.com

  • What to do in an Emergency

  • How to get help in an Emergency Resource